Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Videos (short)

How many light bulbs?

On youtube, there is a 5-minute video, arranged by the University of Cambridge, featuring me holding a lightbulb and talking about energy plans.

[In case the youtube video goes missing, here is the University's 'Cambridge Ideas' page; and another old link.]

How many Light bulbs

People, Power, Area - How the Laws of Physics Constrain Our Sustainable Energy Options

TEDx Warwick 2012 (18 minutes). This talk is also available from ted.com with the title David MacKay: A reality check on renewables The slides are here: [html]

TED David MacKay
5-minute film/interview with The TimesD MacKay Times interview screenshot
1-minute film by Independent/Shell/Channel 4Shell/Independent video

Videos (longer)

L'energie durable - pas que du vent - David MacKay lectures in Paris, December 2012 - English with French subtitles IHP 2012
Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air [Watch the lecture on youtube] - David MacKay lectures at Harvard, April 2010
Harvard Gazette story - 'an addiction to fossil fuels'
images/MacKay at Harvard
Lubbock lecture  Lubbock Lecture by David MacKay at Oxford, Department of Engineering, May 2010 [html slides]
Sustainable Energy - without the hot air - David MacKay lectures at Caltech, April 2010
NEW: on YOUTUBE with close-captioning kindly provided by CMU's Equal Opportunity Services
Caltech DJCM
April 8, 2010 - David MacKay talking at University of Berkeley

Warwick University podcast

Wed 17 June 2009: Warwick (one hour)

Information Theory and Sustainable Energy - ICML 2012 invited talk

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