51An airing cupboard requires roughly 1.5 kWh to dry one load of clothes. I
worked this out by weighing my laundry: a load of clothes, 4 kg when dry,
emerged from my Bosch washing machine weighing 2.2 kg more (even after
a good German spinning). The latent heat of vaporization of water at 15 °C is
roughly 2500 kJ/kg. To obtain the daily figure in table 7.4 I assumed that one
person has a load of laundry every three days, and that this sucks valuable
heat from the house during the cold half of the year. (In summer, using the
airing cupboard delivers a little bit of air-conditioning, since the evaporating
water cools the air in the house.)

53Nationally, the average domestic consumption was 21 kWh/d/p; consumption
in the service sector was 8.5 kWh/d/p
. Source: Dept. of Trade and
Industry (2002a).

In 2006–7, Cambridge University’s gas consumption was 16 kWh/d per employee.
The gas and oil consumption of the University of Cambridge (not
including the Colleges) was 76 GWh in 2006–7. I declared the University to
be the place of work of 13 300 people (8602 staff and 4667 postgraduate researchers).
Its electricity consumption, incidentally, was 99.5 GWh. Source:
University utilities report.