$700 billion: in October 2008, the US government committed $700 billion to
bailing out Wall Street, and ...
£500 billion: the UK government committed £500 billion to bailing out
British banks.


£5 billion per year: UK’s arms exports (£83 per year per person in the
UK), of which £2.5 billion go to the Middle East, and £1 billion go to Saudi
Arabia. Source: Observer, 3 December 2006.
£8.5 billion: cost of redevelopment of army barracks in Aldershot and Salis-
bury Plain. (£140 per person in the UK.)
£3.8 billion: the cost of two new aircraft carriers (£63 per person in the
$4.5 billion per year: the cost of not making nuclear weapons – the US
Department of Energy’s budget allocates at least $4.5 billion per year to
“stockpile stewardship” activities to maintain the nuclear stockpile without
nuclear testing and without large-scale production of new weapons. ($15
per year per person in America.)

Figure 28.6. A few more things that run into billions. The vertical scale is squished 20-fold compared with the previous figure, figure 28.5, which is shown to scale inside the magenta box.