Figure 28.2. A plan that adds up, for Scotland, England, and Wales. The grey-green squares are wind farms. Each is 100 km2 in size and is shown to scale.
The red lines in the sea are wave farms, shown to scale.
Light-blue lightning-shaped polygons: solar photovoltaic farms – 20 km2 each, shown to scale.
Blue sharp-cornered polygons in the sea: tide farms.
Blue blobs in the sea (Blackpool and the Wash): tidal lagoons.
Light-green land areas: woods and short-rotation coppices (to scale).
Yellow-green areas: biofuel (to scale).
Small blue triangles: waste incineration plants (not to scale).
Big brown diamonds: clean coal power stations, with cofiring of biomass, and carbon capture and storage (not to scale).
Purple dots: nuclear power stations (not to scale) – 3.3 GW average production at each of 12 sites.
Yellow hexagons across the channel: concentrating solar power facilities in remote deserts (to scale, 335 km2 each). The pink wiggly line in France represents new HVDC lines, 2000 km long, conveying 40 GW from remote deserts to the UK.
Yellow stars in Scotland: new pumped storage facilities.
Red stars: existing pumped storage facilities.
Blue dots: solar panels for hot water on all roofs.