There’s another source for lithium: seawater... Several extraction techniques have been investigated (Steinberg and
Dang, 1975; Tsuruta, 2005; Chitrakar et al., 2001).

Fusion power from lithium reserves.
The energy density of natural lithium is about 7500 kWh per gram (Ongena and Van Oost, 2006). There’s considerable
variation among the estimates of how efficiently fusion reactors would turn this into electricity, ranging
from 310 kWh(e)/g (Eckhartt, 1995) to 3400 kWh(e)/g of natural lithium (Steinberg and Dang, 1975). I’ve assumed
2300 kWh(e)/g, based on this widely quoted summary figure: “A 1 GW fusion plant will use about 100 kg of deuterium
and 3 tons of natural lithium per year, generating about 7 billion kWh.” [69vt8r], [6oby22], [63l2lp].

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