Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air

What's new: Synopsis in Indonesian (11 pages) July 2014

What's new: Italian translation for free download May 2014 - Synopsis in Italian [html]

What's new: Slovene translation available on paper and for free download December 2013

What's new: Chinese translation available from amazon.ch Mon 14/10/13

What's new: Sun 9/6/13

I've updated my "Map of the World" which shows, country by country, how human power-consumption per unit area compares with the power-production per unit area of renewables.


New epub version available - works in Bookle on an iPad


VIDEO: L'energie durable - pas que du vent - David MacKay lectures in Paris, December 2012 - English with French subtitles IHP 2012

What's new:

This website is now hosted by mythic beasts.

Sequels, further appendices, and open source extensions of the book

What's new: Chinese translation available from amazon.ch Mon 14/10/13

What's new: French translation now available from booksellers! [July 2012]

What's new: [January 2012] David MacKay's blog-post about Version 3 of the DECC 2050 Pathways Calculator

What's new: German data-translation [1st December 2011]

What's new: Austrian data-translation [Tue 23/7/13]

What's new: Hungarian translation [28th October 2011]

What's new: French translation [11th October 2011]

What's new: Polish translation ISBN 978-83-923848-1-6 [October 2011]

What's new: SEWTHA is still a best-seller [December 2010]

BookScan's 2010 list of best-selling environment and ecology books in the UK features SEWTHA in the top ten this year (2nd), and the top ten (8th) of all time. Read more.

What's new: Japanese translation [November 2010]

SEWTHA-JapaneseCover 持続可能なエネルギー—「数値」で見るその可能性 [単行本] translated by Katsunori Muraoka

What's recent: index

I've added an alphabetical index to the html version of the book.


There's a link to a new Australian Sustainable Energy document on the Translations-and-extensions page


A translation of the synopsis into Dutch, provided by Delft Energy Initiative, is on the Translations-and-extensions page. There's also a translation into French (added Sept 2010).

Similar work

Here are pointers to documents that address the fundamental limits to energy sources.

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